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Events at Casa Les Punxes

Barcelona is characterized by its diverse variety of events and activities suitable for all audiences. So much so, that every day, different locations all over the city spring to life.

One of them is Casa Les Punxes, one of the most emblematic modernist buildings in the city. Leisure and work are unified in this space, blurring the line between office and home with its fusion of events of all kinds and coworking offices.

Casa Les Punxes exposes you to Barcelona’s unique cultural offerings 

The Casa Les Punxes building is at your entire disposal if you want to experience an unprecedented range of cultural activities. Thanks to its recent refurbishment, you can enjoy a wide variety of events with multiple characteristics.

Organize dinners and lunches in cocktail reception style in our ample space or attend meetings and courses in les punxes (spikes in Catalan), the most charming rooms in this building located in the towers. And if this were not enough, we also offer the option of hosting live shows of all kinds, as well as organizing them with a completely personalized plan.

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What events do we offer at Casa Les Punxes?

Each of the events we organize can be customised with different options to suit your requests, whether you are a co-worker or a passer-by wanting to discover new cultural spaces. 

The events that we offer at Casa Les Punxes are open to anyone who wants to discover this emblematic building.

Receptions and meals

You can attend cocktail receptions and meals on our terrace, as well as gala dinners. You can also organize buffet stations and live cooking shows for the delight of your guests. In this space, you choose the limits, we provide the means.

If you prefer to enjoy a good coffee break and rest during a work session or meeting, you can opt for any room located in les punxes.

Stroll through the different areas of the terrace, and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience or build a networking relationship with the rest of the guests. The building is characterized by having punxes in each of its towers, which have been remodelled to offer different services depending on your needs.

Meetings and courses

In each one of the punxes you will be able to organize courses, meetings, work sessions or workshops, to achieve the best results both at work and at a human level. Each of these areas is equipped with audio-visual technology which can be combined to be used in workgroups.

These dynamics are ideal for groups of between 4-10 attendees in a meeting room, where you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona from above.


The terrace of Casa Les Punxes has a completely open space, with a capacity for up to 50 people for presentations, talks or lectures outdoors. Not only will you be able to organize these kinds of gatherings, but you also have the option of planning cultural events, such as open-air art or design exhibitions.

The combination of terrace and punxes is ideal for team building and incentive-building activities, so you can unify the workspace with leisure activities.

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Music and shows

At Casa Les Punxes, we also offer you the possibility of personalizing your own events with musical performances or entertainment services and shows, such as concerts, comedy and magic shows or theme parties etc. The possibilities are endless. Each event can be personalised. Your event will be completely unique.

The city of Barcelona is full of life thanks to the many events it offers on a daily basis. If you love the variety of activities in Barcelona and enjoy its constant novelties, Casa Les Punxes will surprise you with its range of cultural activities.
This emblematic building is a symbol of the living history of the city. We invite you to immerse yourself fully in the history of Casa Les Punxes and the modernism of the era. Discover one of the best-known architectural works by Josep Puig i Cadafalch for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you!

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